Visceral manipulation

Visceral Osteopathy is a way to approach tension and dysfunction of the body from an organ and its surrounding tissues, in order to improve movement and space dynamics from within.

In the general physical assessment, I may find a contributing factor to my patient’s problem and posture from altered or decreased motion in one or more organs. Although in most cases the organ itself would be asymptomatic, it does not make visceral manipulation less relevant. Alongside the principles osteopathy uses as reference, it is using the 3 dimensional dynamics of the body mechanics as a restricted organ will affect surrounding soft tissues and functions.

In addition to structural attachments, organs, membranes, blood vessels, share common nervous pathways with your ‘structural’ body (muscles, bones, joints) from your spine. This means that tissues receiving supply from the same area of your spine, influence each other via nervous reflexes. For example: a prolonged mid back pain may cause you stomach pain, or chronic heart burns could cause you mid-back discomfort.

Via gentle technique and assessment I will be looking for altered or decreased motion of a viscera and any restrictive pattern of the body. I would be aiming to encourage the normal mobility, motion and tone of a viscera and their connective tissues.

This would promote function of individual organs, surrounding systems, effective circulation and drainage of body fluid and support to body structure, contributing to restore self-healing and health.

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