Anna the Midwife

Working with expecting women, mothers and their children and babies is a very significant part of my practice. And to be able to offer them my best I want to be surrounded by people I can trust and refer my patients to, when needed. Hence I am organising regular meeting with people from different profession involved in ante natal and post natal time.
Find out about my meeting with Anna Von Horsten, an independent midwife.

Who is Anna?

Anna is a trained midwife from Germany that moved to London and works at The London Birth Practice, with other independent midwives.

Loving her professional activity, Anna values her health highly and encourages all her patients to do so. Nowadays too many people take their health for granted and undervalue it, to the point of hurting themselves.
Keen on her yoga practice, Anna sees regularly her osteopath in order to maintain her body health and prevent injury.

How did I meet Anna?

Anna and I have been introduced via her osteopath who happens to be a friend of mine. She recommended Anna to get in touch with me as she was looking for an osteopath specialised in paediatrics that would do home visits and to whom she could refer patients to.

What is Anna’s experience with osteopathy?

Apart from having regular osteopathy for herself, Anna noticed the benefit of osteopathic treatment to new-borns quickly in practice.

She started in Hospital in Germany where she was working on the postnatal ward. Back at that time each baby would be seen twice a week by an osteopath before she was discharging them.

Anna witnessed babies screaming, being unsettled, not feeding well or having severe reflux getting better from osteopathic treatment.

From her experience all her new borns patients suffering from colics, aerophagia, feeding difficulty, reflux, torticollis or birth trauma benefits from osteopathy.

She reports she can see improvement on her follow up appointment after 1 to 2 treatments and recommends all her patients, mother including, to have osteopathy. Even if there is no current complain, Anna believes pregnancy and birth are strenuous for both mum and baby and that they should get checked by an osteopath.

What’s next?

I am really thrilled to have met Anna as now I have a private midwife to recommend my patients too.
Her kindness and value of health makes her the perfect midwife to trust and rely on.

I will refer all my pregnant patients to her as I know they will be in very good hands.

Anna Von Horsten’s Contact details
number: 07454917537

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