Mattress: how to find the right one?

One frequently question asked in clinic by patients: What is THE ideal mattress?
Some say the mattress must be soft to allow spine alignment and avoid joint pains from compressions, other state that mattress should be firm in order to offer the optimum support. The answer? There is no specific answer, or universal rule. Confusing? That’s what we thought!

The truth is: the ideal mattress depends on the individual’s needs, body shape/weight, sleeping pattern etc.
For example recent studies suggested that mattress with medium firmness improves pain and disability in people suffering from non specific low back pain (here).

So we tried to summarise for you the different kind of mattresses available, their pros and cons and their ideal sleepers (if you don’t want to read all descriptions there is a table here).

Signs that your mattress is not right for you:

  • You are feeling restless at night,
  • You are waking up in pain,
  • You are not sleeping through the night or just not feeling well rested,
  • Your mattress is older than 8-10 years old

Types of Mattresses:

  • Open Spring Mattress

Composed of springs held by one bar, the springs are moving together. They are the best price value mattresses on the market. However, you do not pick them for their comfort and support. They are great mattresses for occasional or temporary use, with regular replacements; which makes them perfect for guest bedrooms and children bedrooms.


  • Pocket spring Mattress

This is a more advanced version of the open spring one, as in this one the springs are moving independently. It is also considered as being more breathable structure than the memory foam mattresses. However, there can be risks of allergies as some of them can be stuffed with furs or feathers. There are ideal for non allergic people, couple/or bed for two and sleepers that get very hot at night.

Brand: Sealy Pocket Teramo 1400 (from £650)

  • Memory foam Mattress

Made from mouldable material, it has hypoallergenic properties. It is the prime choice for anyone with poor backs or joint pains and they are considered one of the best support as it allows your spine to be aligned horizontally (if sleeping on your sides). Although they are known to generate a lot of heat by wrapping the body, some models are being made with more breathable material (Eve mattress). They are then ideal for anyone with pains in their body (especially back), couples with different needs of support, people who sleeps on their side and sleepers that do not mind getting a bit hot at night.

Brand: Casper (from £350); Eve (from £350)

  • Latex Mattress

Made by latex based foam, those mattresses are very breathable and avoid any over heating. However, you may find them a bit too firm at first. You also do not want to pick the first prices as cheap latex mattress will cause you trouble and pain (irregular bumps)!
Those kind of mattress are great for people with allergies or asthma, anyone that feels too hot at night and those that prefers firmer beds with still a good bounce!

Brand: Zenhaven (from £1600)

  • Hybrids mattress

Those are a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coild and/or other materials. They are designed to maximize benefits and minimizing certain cons. They are all round the safest options of all kind of sleepers!

Brand: Leesa Mattress (from £690) OR Simba (from £599)

  • Mattress topper

You can find all types of mattress topper, with all the different structure and composition as stated above. They are usually an addition to a hard mattress to empathize softness and cushioned comfort.


To chose the right mattress you need to:

  1. Do your research, set up your budget, read the different reviews. Never go too cheap as you will definitely have a poor quality mattress. However, you probably do not need to spend £2000 on one either. And do not be fooled by any brand that claims there are “orthopaedic” or “medically approved” because they are none existing.
  2. Have a chat with your doctor/osteopath/physio. If you have any specific back pains or issues, in order to have their guidance on what you need to look for.
  3. Make sure you have a trial period. Nowadays, the great thing is that plenty of start-up companies offer 100 days trials (eg: Eve, Simba..). This allows you to really have a good sense of how the mattress fits your need on the long-term. Mattresses sold in stores will have the tendency to be a bit more expensive and without such a long trial, but you can always try to hassle.
  4. Check the warranty. They usually should be for 10 years.
  5. Protect your mattress. Use a waterproof mattress protector, as stains will void your warranty/trial allowance.

In here you can read a further description of the various mattress brands mentioned above:

Choose well, sleep well, live well!

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