Why sitting is the new smoking

Wondering why we keep saying sitting for too long is bad for you? Nowadays, it has been found that the average person spend more than half of their time in a day in 'sedentary pursuits'. This fancy term basically is a broad expression envelopping effortless, energy saving behaviour such as: sitting watching tv, playing video … Continue reading Why sitting is the new smoking

10 reasons why I think children are the best patients

What I deeply love about our profession as osteopaths, is that we all have the opportunity to find fields we feel passionate about and where we are at our best. I do love treating everyone from any age and background and I feel fulfilled and thankful every day for doing what I love. I found … Continue reading 10 reasons why I think children are the best patients

Structural techniques

I find them efficient for acute injuries, muscular tension, decreased movement of a joint, stiffness and aches. My treatment includes structural manipulations such as: Soft tissue, massage, stretches MET: MET is a direct active technique which uses isometric contraction in order to induce physiological changes promoting better joint movement and muscle health. Good alternative a … Continue reading Structural techniques

Women’s Health and Paediatrics

In pregnancy: Osteopathy will assist and help you coping with or prevent problems like: Low back pain, Reflux, digestive discomfort Ligament laxity Pubic pain Neck pain Cramps Fatigue Sleeplessness Heavy legs, poor circulation, swollen feet, ankles, fingers Varicose veins (poor circulation) Discomfort breathing, shortness of breath Sciatica Carpal tunnel syndrome After birth time: In addition … Continue reading Women’s Health and Paediatrics