How can Osteopathy help you during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body is going through tremendous changes: physically, hormonally and physiologically.  Your osteopath can support you during those changes and accompany your body throughout pregnancy to allow pain relief, comfort and to promote better function. The more your body is comfortable and at ease, the more your baby is growing in an optimal … Continue reading How can Osteopathy help you during pregnancy?

Women’s Health and Paediatrics

In pregnancy: Osteopathy will assist and help you coping with or prevent problems like: Low back pain, Reflux, digestive discomfort Ligament laxity Pubic pain Neck pain Cramps Fatigue Sleeplessness Heavy legs, poor circulation, swollen feet, ankles, fingers Varicose veins (poor circulation) Discomfort breathing, shortness of breath Sciatica Carpal tunnel syndrome After birth time: In addition … Continue reading Women’s Health and Paediatrics